8. To Muslims I say!

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Muhammad was right to conclude that the Roman Catholic Church (R.C.C.) altered  the message of “The Book” (NT).

There is NO trinity and Mary NOT the mother of God Almighty.

I (Yahshuwah, Yeshua, Jesus) am Not God Almighty.

I AM The First created SON of God,  I came through “Mariam” on the earth. I AM given ALL POWER in heaven and on earth. I have created everything on behalf of God Almighty, our Father.

God The Father alone, Is GOD The Almighty One.


What Muhammad didn’t do was: to look for the original scriptures or manuscripts of “The Book” and do it right himself. How could he, he couldn’t read or write. Instead of that he came with a totally different message that was based on deliverance from an “angel”, a deliverance in which he only, was the witness. (why accept one witness and not two, like the Hadith?). Having done that, He did exactly the same what he accused the R.C.C. doing, altering the message of “The Book”.


“The Book” is based on multiple testimonies and witnesses, from different generations over many centuries and different people, ALL proclaiming the same message about our God, The Father,






If you see this basic truth, then all other theological discussions about what is true or not true, is no longer relevant. God will not let the salvation of humanity depend on the testimony of one mortal person alone.


I have never abandoned the people of “The Book”: the Jews and the Christians. Doing that, would make My God and My Father, untrustworthy. That can never be and is impossible. God can never change His given Word!  What kind of God is that, that He would put the people so easily aside He worked with in the first place, the people to whom He gave the law (“The Book”) first, the people He has been protecting and taking care of for centuries and suddenly put them aside as “pigs and apes” ? (Suras 2:65, 5:60, and 7:166). Can you imagine a god putting the Muslims aside like that, what kind of untrustworthy god is that?

The Almighty God will never abandoned  the peoples of “The Book”: the Jews and the Christians !

Don’t be deceived, My friend.


A God who gives up what he started, so easily, is a weak god, not Almighty and most of all: NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

Why couldn’t He know before, not to work with the Jews? Quoting the Quran (which I do not legitimized) Muhammad own words, where he is saying in sura Junus 10:94 that: you must ask the people of the book when you are in doubt about something. Why ask the people of “The Book” (Jews and Christians) something, if their books are not accurate? Many Muslim-scholars only use the “so called”  false Bible to deny Me. Why don’t use it to find Me instead? If its good enough to deny, it’s certainly good enough to find the truth. I am The Truth (Jo 14:16). Use the principles of this website to find Me.


I Am the Word of Allah/God (Quran:3:45; 4:171) (Not Muhammad) and The Spirit of Allah/God is upon/in Me (Quran: 2:253 21:91; 4:1715:110). In Me was The “PURE”  Spirit and not just a Spirit that was with Adam or Abraham (e.g. Quran 32:9)

Why don’t you look for Me?

If I Am The Word of God and The Spirit of The Almighty One is upon Me, why don’t you belief me?

Muhammad didn’t have this anointing and still you believe him more and put his words above Mine.


I AM The one Who will come back, not Muhammad (Az Zukhruf 43.61).

I AM the One Who did many: wonders, signs, health the sick and raised dead people from the death. Muhammad did NONE of this. (Miracles I did. Quran: 21:91; 2:87; 5:112114; 3:46; 19:30-33; 3:49).  

I AM also The only Person Who ever lived, born out of a virgin.(Quran 66-12; 21-91). I don’t have a human father!

I AM no normal human being. I have been set apart from everything that was created, I Am Holy! (Holy means: being set apart).


Know the tree by it’s fruits. Know Me by my works and know Muhammad by his works. I have lived a Holy live in every way, there is nothing questionable or doubtful about My life. I have the highest moral standing in life, nobody can’t say that about Muhammad.(Click here, for a comparison in Holy Live)

I AM therefore a much bigger and trustworthy “Prophet” then Muhammad ever was. Your parents and for certain, your grandparents, could NOT read or write, they are/were all illiterate. In the past when they were pagans, they became Muslim not out of a personal conviction and understanding of the Quran, but out of what people told them Islam was and most likely, out of fear for the Islam and oppression by the Islam. Don’t  inherit a God based on the conviction of illiterate people  my friend. If your parents raised you up with the understanding that  1+1=4, would you still believe them and follow them in their truth now you can count for yourself? In the same way, if their faith was based on misguided belief, choose not to be misguided yourself. You live in a time in which you have the privilege to read and study scriptures yourself. Study scriptures starting with the history of religions. On judgement day: your mother, your father, your brothers and your sister and even your imam won’t be able to do something for you. Your judgement will be based on the decissions you personally make in live. To converted people I say: becoming a Muslim because your spouse is a Muslim: is not believing, but imposed believing, it’s not from your hart, because your hart lies with your spouse. To all other converted people I say: investigate the scriptures yourself. If your faith is based on the outcome of : what your family belief, oppression (past or present), lack of knowledge of the Talmud and the Bible, family bonding, marriage bonding, work bonding, friend bonding, business bounding, hate towards the “so-called” white people’s belief or love for the outwardly Islam: YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED.


not Muhammads !!

If, according the Quran, I Am The Word  of Allah/God and the Spirit of Allah/God is UPON Me,

ALL what I have said, MUST be the truth !  (Quran 4-172)



Why don’t you look yourself for My Words and Messages? Why do you believe the message of someone to whom the message was “told” to and Not The One who IS  the “Word of God” and has The “Spirit of God” upon Him? Why would The Almighty God even bother to send Me and His Spirit with Me, if He could now, that the real message would be manipulated or disappear forever? Couldn’t He know?  Is He so weak?

Don’t make God Almighty ignorant and weak, my friend.


The Christians are deceived to belief in a Trinitarian God, you are deceived to belief in the abandonation of  “The Book”, The people of  “The Book”  and in a totally new message.


I say to you: you have been deceived also.


I AM Holy and clean, pray to God our Father through Me, In My Name:

Lord Yahshuwah Hamashiach.


God Almighty will listen to you, answer your prayers and set you free.

At this moment all your prayers are being blocked by your uncleanness and sins. (Don’t fool yourself: washing yourself with water and soap before prayers can’t take them away). Even animal blood can’t clean you, only Mine.


You don’t have access to God Almighty without Me.


In Me, you are justified to pray in holiness and cleanness and have access to God.


John 14:6 (AMPC)
6 Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through, via) Me.