10. Let Me Be your Savior.

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Mat 11:28 (AMP)

28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy- laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest.

[I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.]


Dear friend,

It doesn’t matter:

  • how big yours sins are;
  • how big your problems are;
  • how guilty you feel;
  • how unwanted you feel;
  • how desperate you are or
  • how hopeless you are: COME TO ME I WILL GIVE YOU REST¬† and set you free.

Until now, you have tried to solve your problems by your own, nothing helped because you are weak in the flesh and can’t fight evil out of the flesh, he is spirit.

Friend, everybody has sinned in his life. Sin and disobedience is the cause of problems in your life. Sin gives the evil-one right over you.

When you put your hands in fire, your hand will burn. Your pain is not a punishment, but the result of your foolish action. This goes for dead and sufferings in live also, dead and sufferings are¬†not¬†punishments, but the logical result of sin and¬†disobedience, to God.¬†Many of your problems today is the result of “putting your hands in fire” and disobedience.

Come to me I will bear all your sins and sufferings, so you can rest and be free. I AM sinless and obeyed God, for you, in every way, therefore no condemnation (which is a negative result of something) for you. Cast all your problems onto Me, I Am almighty and a Savior.

Believe in Me and let Me fight  your battles for you, I AM a Conqueror.

God doesn’t punish people! He is LOVE.

Because Adam and Eve sinned and have been disobedient, the result of their doing was dead and suffering. They died, and everyone out of Adam and Eve are dying also. That’s the reason why baby’s die. Dying is the logical result of sin and disobedience. God doesn’t punished people, sin and disobedience does.

This cycle of this birth and dying can only be broken when someone can conquer dead. How can that be possible? No human born out of Adam and Eve can do that!

Only God can because nothing is impossible for Him.

Out of His love for you, He sent Me¬† to be born out a human so that I could be fully one of them. Being one of them, but without being OUT of them. In that way the result of the sin of Adam and Eve doesn’t apply to me. For me no natural dead!¬† Without my dying on the cross I would live for ever. But that was not the reason why God sent Me to earth. He sent me to conquer dead for you, so that you could be free from it. When I laid down my life on the cross (note: nobody murdered me, I gave up My life freely and willingly), I was dying for sins I have not committed. My blood was shed for those who sinned, My blood instead of yours. God is a righteous God, He cannot allow the just to¬†die like the unjustly. Just like disobedience produces death; righteousness produces live. Out of His righteousness He raised me up from the dead. That’s how I conquered death for you, to the will of God, our Father¬†.



Adam died you die, I live you live!.


Jn 3:16 (AMP)

16 For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten ( unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.


The Kingdom of God is coming soon. This means that God will make, through ME, everything new again. There will be an new earth and an a new heaven complete new, without dead, sorrow, pain and sickness. A new garden of Eden were Adam and Eve lived.

You can take part of this coming Kingdom and have eternal life, if you conquer dead. You can only conquer dead when you repent from your sins and take part in my fleshly dead THROUGH baptizing IN MY Name.

The meaning of baptizing is: when you die in my name, all your sins are paid for with My dead, and just like Me, you will be raised up. Baptizing is a symbolical dead by immersion in water and  your rising up out of the water means your symbolical revival from dead. When doing this in My Name, I will come and live IN you. You are symbolical dead and I live further through you. When I live IN you, you will do my will and have My peace and rest. I will do everything for you, through you. I AM a conqueror, God has given ME ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND EARTH. God will see ME IN you, and because of Me, He will grant you every blessing I have, through prayer (you must always ask, so you may know that, what you have asked IN My Name, was given by The Father).


If you want to accept me in your life, pray the following prayer:

Dear Holy Father,

I come to You in the Name of Yahshuwah (Yeshua, Jesus),

I have been disobedient to you and I repent from my sins,

forgive me Father;

From now on, I belief that You sent Your beloved Son Yahshuwah to die for me on the cross.

Therefore all my sins are forgiven.

From this day on, I belong to Lord Yahshuwah and

it’s not me who live anymore, but Yahshuwah¬†lives in Me.

Thank you Father,

IN Yahshuwah’s Name I pray.


When you speak this words loudly and believe,with all your hart, the words spoken, I will come into your life and take care of you: BELIEVE FROM NOW ON THAT I AM IN YOU.


Don’t sin any more, live a good life. Don’t live good because you are good or doing good but: be good in everything because GOD is good. In that way you won’t need the law to tell you what is wrong or not. Don’t do anything for Me or for God, EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE FOR YOU completely, My blood is enough and covers ALL your sins: past, present and future. ONLY remember this: DON’T SIN ANY MORE.

When you keep on sinning, that will be a sign for you that I Am no longer living IN you, it’s not Me Who lives any more, but you live your own live. You will lose the fight with the evil-one and the temptations of the flesh. You will end up, struggling again.

Now and then you will fall in life, don’t worry, that is the reason my blood was shed. Just repent from that sin and DON’T DO IT ANY MORE. Never have any quilt¬†in your hart because: I don’t have any quilt, and you have been set free. Anything you need I AM already for you. I AM Holy and¬†clean, you are Holy and clean to.

Read digital scriptures, be baptized in MY Name, pray for everything and thanks God every moment of your life.


Believe, I AM IN YOU, I fight  your battles for you.

I AM The Almighty Conqueror, through me you are also a conqueror in everything.